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Trespassing by Uzma Aslam Khan


Title: Trespassing


ISBN: 9789699473685

Pages: 448

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Standing in a room with eight thousand tiny creatures, witnessing them perform a dance that few humans even knew occurred; this was life. Everywhere she looked, each caterpillar nosed the air like a wand and out passed silk. They sashayed to the left and swivelled to the right. They bobbed and undulated, dotting the air in figure-eights. They worked ceaselessly for three days and nights, with material entirely of their own, and with nothing to orchestrate them besides their own internal clock. Each, a perfectly self-contained unit of life. Trespassing is intricately and delicately made. Its characters-and their desti nies are utterly clear before us and the reader is driven hurriedly through the book seeking shelter-for the characters they have come to love as much as for themselves.


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Trespassing by Uzma Aslam Khan
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